Sunday, October 26, 2008

Roar Book (10)

5- April was always smoking crack and started loosing herself.
-Shiv started smoking crack too.
-Shiv an Tina builted a little house from cardboard
-Shiv got sentenced for 3 years for beating up Abdul
-Tina found a job which she really likes.

4- Why did Shiv beat up Abdul?
-Will Tina stop drinking?
-How will Tina react when she sees her old friends from Grand Central Station?
-Will her old Friends talk to Tina?

3-Syringes:the vocal organ of birds
Scathing:offensive, rude
Elicit:to bring out

2-Metaphor: "My throat is on fire."
-Simile:"Love was like watching the stars in the night."

1- Tina has a job that pays her good and she stoped following the wrong path.

Roar book (9)

5-When Rio broke up with April, she was very depressed.
-April wanted to commit suicide but, Tina stoped her.
-Tina met a man named Shiv who cleaned her clothes.-Tina got arrested one time for taken a man's pants.
-Tina decides to give the program a try.
-She is very happy that the program help people to find a job/

4- Why was SHiv so nice to Tina?
-Who was the father of the baby when she had a miscarriage?
-Why won't Tina put sme energy into doing something with her life?
-Will Tina do better in the new rehab program?

3-Sedated:calm, quiet, or composed
bingeing:A drunken spree or revel

2-Onomanapia:" heart was going bu-bump. bu-bump, bu-bump."
-Simile:"...Life was as hard as loosing a child and a home."

1. Tina get's into a fight with Gorge (Harriet's husband) and ends up giving the rehab program a second chance.

5-Tina perfromed a song and she won 1st place.
-Tina het's kicked out from Samaritan.
-When Tina was doing Heroin that didn't mean April would talk to her.
-Tina stopped doing Heroin.
-Since Tina got kicked out from Samaritan, she goes into another rehab.

4-Why wouldn't April talk to Tina?
-If Rio loved april more than his life, why did he got her to do Heroin?
-What made Tina stop doing heroin?
-How will Harriet react when she finds out Tina left the rehab program.

3-Friction:surface resistance to relative motion
-Solace:Comforting, relaxing
-Embelish:to improve

2-Metaphor: "She had to be a bitch."
-Onomatopeia:"And then wham, bam, I'm out of there."

1-Tina gto kicked out from Samaritan and trys another rehab, but it's not the same.
5-April had an abortion
-Tina and April got arrested.
-When Rio got out of jail, he and April were doing heroin
-When Tina was younger, there was a fire and she refused to pull the fire-alarm across the street because she was too embarrassed to run in her PJ's.
-Tina started doing Heroin too.

4-Was Rio glad when he found out April was not pregnant anymore?
-How did Tina's mom feel when Tina visited her after a year?
-Why did the guy liked Tina's feet?
-Why did Tina do Heroin? Was it, to get closer to April?

3-Oblivion:the state of being completely forgotten or unknown
-Scrawny:excessively thin

2-Simile:"I feel like I'm either going to explode from anger or break down and cry forever."
Metaphor"...Can feel eternity when your life is hanging by a thread"

1- Tina and April don't talk to each other, but later, Rio introduces Heroin to Tina which she seems to like a lot.
5-April's good friend, Mama, died in Christmas eve 1985.
-Tina has been at Samaritan for 8 months.
-April and Tina were about to get killed by these men who wanted to rape them.
-Jamie and her family take Tina out for hwer birthday and as they sing to her "Happy Birthday", tears come out of her eyes.
-April had a boyfriend named Rio and he made her stop smoking and hanging out with Tina, since Tina was still smoking.

4- Did her mom really cared about Tina when she was living at Gran Central Sation?
- Why did April wanted to go with these strangers all the way to New jersey, without even knowing who they were?
-What would have happen to Tina if April was still alive?
-How would Rio react if April has the baby?

3-Divulge: Reveal, Share
Grapple: to fight or wrestle with
derogatory:Hurtful, offensive

2-Simile: "She was crying like a baby in need for food"
Metaphor: "He is an ass that had no need and care..."

1-April and Tina experinced hurtful things that affected both of their lives.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

5-Tina got raped by this man who smocked crack.
-When Tina lived in Grand Central, she was panhandling
-Lorenzo gave crack to Tina so she could try it.
-April didn't want Tina to smoke crack because she knew she would get addicted.--When Tina was in rehab she took the GED exam and she passed it.

4- Why did Jabba wanted hugs from April and Tina and then he would pay them?
-Will Tina move with her brother Frankie?
-How will her mother eatc that she has her High school diploma?
-How will Tina react when she sees crack again?

3-Vassar:U.S. merchant, philanthropist, and supporter of education for women
-Frail:having delicate health

-Nifarious:Wicked, vallaneous

2-Onomatopoeia:"Zip,zip,zap,zap, thanks-a-lot..."
Similie:" ...she was as stupid as puttting ants into her pants."

1- Tina suffered from being rapet and being an addictor and now that she is in rehab she got to experince the wonderful part of life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5-Tina wakes up dreaming she's smocking crack and also about Grand Central.
-Rehab is hard to handle, for Tina
-Lorenzo ( Salvadorian friend of April) introduced crack to April.
-Tina graduated from Lower Peer .
-Tina broke one of the rules in rehab which was "Sexually-acting-out rule".

4-What would happen if Tina doesn't snitch (when she needs to) and she gets in trouble for taken the blame? Will she do something about it after or will she end up telling the truth?
-Would Tina ever go out trick or treating by herself to remember when she and April went together?
-How will Tina subdue her problems?
-Will Tina start obeying the Rehab rules?

3-Demoted:to reduce to a lower grade, rank, class, or position :
-matron:a woman who has charge of the domestic affairs of a hospital, prison, or other institution.

2-Metaphor: "Survival is guaranteed..."
-Simile: "The stars shined like the lights of the trains from Grand Central station.

1- Tina is in rehab trying to obey the rules, but since she didn't she has to redo the orientation all over again.